Slow progress

Slow progress on the Verne Niner Fresh Fruits buildings, spend a lazy sunday painting and playing with the airbrush. Adapted the Chuck Doan technique for weathered and peeling paint planks a long time ago and I did want to try something different. That’s why I started painting wood like it’s a styrene based building. Finishing the weathered woods I added a couple of coats of AMMO heavy chipping fluid to the walls of the building. Let it dry for a short time and gave it a coat of aged white. It’s like the hairspray technique. After the aged white has dried wet the surface with clean tap water and start chipping with a brush.
Used the same technique on the doors with the difference that I used scratches effects from AMMO for this one, just to get smaller chips and scratches. But first I did paint all the doors with several thin layers of different rust tones, very thinned paint, splatter with a brush and so on. After that three light coats of the scratches effects followed by a coat of faded light green. Tap water and a brush for chipping and scratches. For the windows I rely on the old chipping technique with different colors of rust colored acrylic paints, they are to fragile for the chipping technique with the AMMO fluids..


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