First birchtrees on Nolans

With the Scenic Express SuperLeaves at home for more than 2 weeks now I did find some time to use the material. So it was time to give some groups of birch trees their foliage. First layers of tiny branches done with grassfibers applied with the RTS greenkeeper. Used 12mm , 6mm and 2mm fibers. Don’t mind the color as I paint them a greyish brown after I apply the fibers.Use a RAL 7006 wich would be close to Pantone 404C. Then the leave material, Scenic Express SuperLeaves. Somekinda crushed and grinded foam wich comes in several fine-looking colors. Picked the light green for birches. First I thought it is a bit to bright but birches do have a quit bright color of leaves. But most of all I’m pretty happy the way they look even in a close up.


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