2 thoughts on “Just a test

  1. Steven Sylvester says:

    Hi Martin
    From an Englishman in Norway [25km fra kristiansand] I really hope you do not mind me troubling you like this but you were suggested to me by Dave Mason,to whom I wrote asking if he new anyone who could build me a lovely compact Layout?? it`s a very long story Martin so to be fair to you, below is the reply from Dave,This will give you a brief idea of the situation.I will then send you (seperately) some backround to my request and what help I would dealry love if you or anyone you know are able to assist me?I am aware of the model railway club in Kristiansand, but I am unable to get there.and much prefer due to personal circumstances and poor health to do things at arm length on a one to one basis if at all possible.

    Mind you having now looked at your web pages.I can only agree whole heartedly with Dave when he says what he does about you.truly remarkale modelling Martin
    anyway I will let you read daves reply and then I will sedn my original message to Dave and see what you think.it would mean a lot to me.
    Best wishes Steve Sylvester

    DAVES REPLY as Follows:-

    20:58 (22 minutes ago)

    to me
    OK, Steve,

    First. let me wish you the best with your health. Second, I do encourage you to expand your modeling into On30. There are numerous modelers in Europe which I sell to all the time.

    Now, probably the best On30 forum where you can get all the help you want is: http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/active.asp
    The On30 Line section is very active with On30 modelers. And two of the most exciting are from Holland and Sweden.
    Martin Welberg is in Holland and his current layout work is here: http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=39404
    He also builds layouts for other modelers and would be a good person for you to contact.
    Troels Kirk is in Sweden and his On30 layout is known world wide: http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=23577
    There are 6 volumes to his layout so you must read them all. And Troels welcomes visitors to his little building in Sweden to view his layout.

    If you contact both of these fellows, you will find some great help and much closer to you than I am. They will also give you names of more modelers in Sweden and Norway you can contact. And do join us on the Railroad-Line forum. We also have some of the most prolific structure modelers in the railroad world.

    Dave Mason

  2. Steven Sylvester says:

    Martin if you prefer you can contact me directly at my email address when I can send you the background to my quest to find a layout bulder who maybe able to help me, it would mean a lot

    best wishes Steve

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