Let’s get back

To the original trackplan drawn a year ago.


In the red rectangular is the part I use for the Mara Harbor show layout. Couple of things changed. I changed the wye for a turntable and added a few tracks for a enginehouse.  The curved track stayed, it’s the connection to my home layout. As soon as I find the time I will draw a new plan of the modules the way they are now. For now I’m just building modules. Added two more on the left with just a single track and a lot of scenery. Maybe some small buildings or a mill. Not shure yet.


One thought on “Let’s get back

  1. tom sullivan says:

    Hey Martin…..just wanted to let you know I reviewed your blog…….nice stuff! Nice to see Forney’s doing what Forney’s do best!! Sure they need larger curves, but that just allows us to model nicer scenes with broad, easy curves instead of the too tight radius curves.
    Stay well…….sully

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